Same money, and the environment by using a heat pump to power your swim spa. Swim Spa World offer two styles of heat pump depending on your preference

Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger is a system used to transfer heat between two fluids. In this case, these are the spa water and the water that comes from the home heating. The raw material of the house-heating does not matter for the operation, this can be gas, solar boiler, or something else. We can assemble a heat exchanger for you in your spa at our warehouse in the Netherlands. We have them in stock.

All-Weather Heat Pump 

Many households today use solar cells on their roof, and have a limited capacity for their household. By combining their Swim Spa with a Swim Spa World heat pump, the saving is an average of 75%.

Swim Spa World’s All-Weather Heat Pump is specially made for use with our spas, they are also efficient in the freezing cold (until -20⁰C). 

Why purchase a heat pump?

The sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice, heat pumps also save enough energy to mean that the initial cost is earned back in just 2 years, meaning you will continue to save money on heating your swim spa from year 3 onwards.


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