Hawaii 7 Swim Spa

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full Spec Sheet of the Hawaii 7.


The  perfect mix of relaxation and fitness, combining Current-Lift Technology with a large variety of innovative massage experiences.

Massage therapy includes Aqua Rolling Massage, Intense Therapy Zone and Therapy Wave Zone.

With separate swim and spa sections you can vary the temperature of the units, giving you a lower temperature for your swim workout and a soothing warm temperature to relax tired muscles post-swim.

About Current-Lift Technology
Providing an authentic swimming experience that adjusts to the level of your work-out, CLT enables the swimmer to remain prone on the water surface at varying degrees of current intensity.

As you decrease the force of the upper two jets, the lower jets automatically increase in intensity, creating more lift, providing more buoyancy as your swimming speed decreases.  The faster you swim, the less lift is needed from the lower jets and the flow is directed to the upper jets for a stronger current.

Waters Edge LED Lights can be added for £450. Crystal Fountains £100 each.

£21,150Std,  £24,325 Deep

 Hawaii 9



Synergy Water Maintenance System
Energy Efficient Filtration Pump plus UV light Cleaning System
Starbrite Interior LED light system
Hybrid Heating  2 x 3 kw


Current Lift Technology
Number of seats 2
Number of loungers 1
Total massage jets 60
Dimensions Standard 540cm x 228cm x 128cm
Dimensions Deep 540cm x 228cm x 152cm
Turbo Swimjets 4 x 3 hp
Floor Swimjets 2 x 3 hp
Capacity Standard 12,000 litre
Dry Weight Standard 1550 kg
Capacity Deep 14,000 litre
Dry Weight Deep 1700 kg